June 2014 - Coastal Enterprises
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Month: June 2014
27 Jun


Today our team finished the creative work in Cultus Lake Adventure Park. It has been an exciting and busy ten month journey.  From the start we anticipated we would still be painting after the park opened it's gates but through the hard work (and lots of overtime) of our crew we managed to finish two whole days ahead of the park opening.

26 Jun

Hot off the Grill! HDU & BBQ Make A Great Combination

Summer’s here and BBQ season is about to move into full swing. In addition to the savory aromas emanating from their restaurant, Bailey’s Smokehouse in Blauvelt, NY, also has a brand new lighted Precision Board HDU sign, beautifully crafted by KDF Reprographics, to attract customers. Sign Builder Illustrated published a great article documenting how the sign was made..

25 Jun

A Glimpse 140 Million Miles Into The Sky

  • June 25, 2014
  • admin

Just what does NASA’s Curiosity Rover do as it spends its days 140 million miles above Earth? See for yourself in this interactive program providing full view of the Martian Landscape!   Share our content!

24 Jun

Need For Speed: 2014 Human Powered Vehicle Competitions

  • June 24, 2014
  • admin

Calling the 2014 Human Powered Vehicle Competition “One of the best in terms of teamwork,” Missouri S & T HPV team member Jon Sanders details the Missouri S & T experience at both major competitions on the East and West coasts this year, where colleges and universities all over the nation competed to build the fastest Human Powered..

23 Jun

Last week of construction for Cultus Lake Adventure project

The Cultus Lake Adventure project is massive by most shop standards. The project started back in the middle of September of last year. Now we are in the final week of production with the gates to swing open to the public next Saturday. That leaves five working days to complete our work. While we have been putting in about an hour of overtime per day and two saturdays of pure overtime the pace in the last weeks has been steady - not rushed.

18 Jun

Cornell Formula SAE Team Adds Aero Kit to 2014 Race Car

  • June 18, 2014
  • admin

Anytime a project involves adding a motorcycle race engine to a four-wheel chassis, its bound to be pretty awesome. Cornell’s 2014 FSAE car, ARG14, weighs in at only 420 lbs. and boasts a turbocharged 2007 Honda CBR-600RR engine and complete carbon fiber monocoque frame. ARG14 got a chance to bare its teeth this past month when hundreds of teams..

18 Jun

More signs installed

As the project nears completion the pace is certainly ramping up. Today the last of the concrete walkways was poured inside the park, leaving only sidewalks around to go. Our crew is now down to paint and details with eight more workdays before the gates open to the public. We installed two dimensional signs today. The first was on the Happy Horse Saloon.

17 Jun

Custom Tooling Blocks Save Time, Money: Here’s Why

  • June 17, 2014
  • admin

In addition to manufacturing the largest and thickest sheets in the tooling industry, Coastal Enterprises also offers an additional service to our customers: custom-bonded Precision Board tooling blocks. “Some of the layup tools we made at Skunk Works were absolutely massive, which meant CNC time was a major factor when determining project deadlines.  Coastal’s custom..

16 Jun

Fine Art: Sculpting HDU With Master Artist Brett Steeves

One of the most impressive projects we’ve seen at Coastal Enterprises is the hand-carved sculpture of wild horses sculpture featured on our home page. We’ve always marveled at the skill required to bring such a beautiful piece to life, and when offered an opportunity to interview its creator recently, we we were overjoyed! The artist, Brett Steeves,..