May 2016 - Coastal Enterprises
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Month: May 2016
31 May

New in EnRoute 6

I've had the chance to test drive EnRoute 6 for a while now and love it! There are a bunch of new things and many of the old things run better and faster than ever. One of my favourite things about the new software is that the dongle is now a thing of the past. This means you simply open the program and GO! Modern technology is a wonderful thing! There's lots of new symmetric textures. Text can now be copied and pasted from other programs.  The fourth axis on my router is now fully supported.

26 May

MultiCam plasma magic

Today, using our MultiCam CNC plasma cutter we cut the last large piece for theViking ships designed for Motiongate in Dubai. Over the last weeks Peter has created more than 60 precise files using EnRoute software. Hundreds of pieces have been cut from heavy steel plate. This complicated project would have been much, much harder to do any other way. We love our Multicam!

25 May

Occasion Station

There is a second station for the train that travels around NEB's Garden. It is called the Occasion Station. It is a fanciful and ornate creation that speaks of the formal English garden in which it rests.

22 May

Designs for NEB’s

Design work continues on the NEB's Fun World project. It will involve many different projects including miniature golf, a train, a micro brewery and much more. Over the next weeks I'll be doing lots of drawings. As soon as the Viking ships for Dubai are done we'll kick into making all of the ideas come to life.

20 May

Fetch Sign Install

The old sign is down.  It took about an hour and a half to get our steel bracket system installed and everything went together nicely.  Best of luck Adam with your new sign – See you at Fetch! – Steve

20 May

Suffolk University – 3D Design with Precision Board

Suffolk University Students Design with Precision Board HDU Precision Board is a truly user-friendly medium for art and design. It allows even the most entry-level artists, architects, and designers to create a tangible object from just an idea and some rudimentary tools. Whether the objective is structural, architectural, or abstract, anyone can design with Precision Board! Creating..

19 May

Fetch Sign – Woof 6 (the final Woof)

It’s our last day with the Fetch Sign – we are finishing up the details and doing the final assembly. All the parts are painted so Peter now has to complete the pins and glue all of the elements in place – I’ll do a little welding and we should be done.   We really want to make the collar ring look as real as possible so we shaped a 4′ length of  steel rod inserted into the hole in the dog tag and welded a plate on it so we could easily secure it to the structure.  We ran a bolt through the top of the sign to hold it in place.

17 May

Dubai Viking ship progress

Since my last post showing the Viking ship frame we have made significant progress. The engineer required us to use heavy steel members with plenty of welding. The ship has to withstand lots of moving as we put it together, it travels to the galvanizer and also the long journey to Dubai in the middle east. To facilitate it's removal from our (rather small) shop at to fit into the galvanizing vats it will break into six sections on each level.

16 May

Fetch Sign – Woof 5

All the parts are completed and they’re off to our paint shop. We use a PPG Waterborne Automotive Paint System which gets great results and is much less harmful to the environment. Holin, our master painter,  has prepped the metal parts in our bead blaster, he then cleans them with a metal prep and  they are ready for primer and paint.    The foam parts are lightly sanded and we brush on a thick HDU primer.

13 May

SAMPE Long Beach 2016: Free Passes!

Get your FREE PASSES to SAMPE Long Beach 2016! Visit us at Booth O41 In less than two weeks, the Coastal Enterprises team will be setting up shop at SAMPE Long Beach 2016, to rub elbows with some of the country’s top-notch companies and individuals in the advanced materials industries. SAMPE is the only conference..