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15 Aug

Sculpting Abstracts with Stan Carpenter!

After teaching for 15 years, and being involved in the custom home design industry for 20, Stan Carpenter decided it was time for some real fun, and started sculpting Precision Board Plus. With a background in the custom home design industry working with architects and homeowners to create dreams, Stan Carpenter perfected his skill of..

21 Feb

Crow Indian Head Sculpture – On Display at ISA Orlando 2012

Dan Keith, owner of Dan’s Foundry recently sent us pictures of a Crow Indian Head sculpture he made from Precision Board Plus PBLT-15. His father, A.J., was the original sculptor/designer who specialized in western bronzes. Using his NextEngine laser scanner, Dan scanned the original wax sculpture and then exported it into Aspire CNC software to..

06 Feb

PBLT-15 Sculpture – Dual Nature

Respected artist and sculptor team Cecilia Lueza and Rick Munne recently sent us pictures of a Precision Board Plus sculpture titled “Dual Nature.” It was crafted from PBLT-15 using jigsaws, power sanders, a variety of hand tools, and painted with acrylic paints. It is a monocoque sculpture, which means it is entirely self supporting, and..

22 Nov

Alpha Studios: Technology Meets Traditional Craftsmanship

CNC is a technology used in many studios today when shaping Precision Board Plus HDU, high density urethane. When large scale or multiple pieces are required, CNC is an excellent choice. The craftspeople at Alpha Studio in Irvine CA have the capability to CNC, but in some instances they prefer to utilize traditional hand skills..

03 Sep

Turning HDU into Bronze Works of Art

  Santa Barbara sculptor Larry Rankin has been using Precision Board Plus for years to create his bronze sculptures. His career spans more than 30 years and though his abstract works range in size from 6” to 7.5’ tall, he prefers working with large sculptures which can be found in living rooms, corporate settings, sculpture..