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YouTube Channel Videos

Interested in videos on machining of Precision Board?  Want to watch our material being cut with a waterjet or laser engraver?  We also like to post YouTube videos of customers doing interesting things with Precision Board.

View more videos on our YouTube Channel, including how-to’s on companion products (primer, filler, hardcoat, etc.) and laser engraving of Precision Board.

If you have a video of something interesting you’ve done with Precision Board, please send us a link.

Playlists below in order for reference:

Click on a square below to watch videos from our YouTube playlists.
The Coastal Advantage
Routing / Machining
(all 29 videos on YouTube)
Laser Cutting / Engraving
Waterjet Cutting
Custom Bonding
Dry Ice Cleaning / Blasting
Metal Coating on Signage
Theming / Modeling
Hand Carving
University Projects
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