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AXYZ Automation Group

AXYZ Automation Group
Business Name: AXYZ Automation Group
Phone Number : (800) 361-3408
City: Burlington
State/ Prov (U.S. and Canada only): ON
Nearest Major City (U.S. and Canada only): Toronto ON
Country: Canada
Keywords : CNC Routers, CNC Laser, CNC Plasma, CNC Knife
Business Description:

AXYZ is a leading global manufacturer of CNC routers and waterjet cutting solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve built and installed thousands of CNC machines for industries including Aluminum and Metal Cladding, Signmaking, Graphics & Print Finishing, Cabinetry, General Woodworking, Plastic Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Foam Packaging, Point of Purchase, Solid Surface and most recently, Glass and Steel.