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Guest Blog from Paul at Art Sign Works | 3-7-2023

Art Sign Works Inc., founded in 2005, has been making 3-D bas-relief plaques from Precision Board since 2009. Previously, our team utilized HDU from two U.S. manufacturers but we determined that Precision Board was the highest quality material and was the best for carving. Here at ASW, we create about 10,000 signs and plaques each year; efficiency and quality are key to completing orders in a timely manner.

Textured Wall for Corporate Display Using Precision Board HDU | 01/27/2023

When Adam Campos of Graphics MFG was first contacted by a design agency about creating a textured wall for a corporate artwork display, there was a lot of skepticism about whether or not it could be done. The wall was for an exhibit at the Western Municipal Water District, WMWD, in honor of their board member Donald D. Galleano who had recently passed away.