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03 Nov

Assembling the sign planet

It's not often we do simple cutouts with a fair amount of assembly in our shop but because this is a detailed display piece that will live out it's life indoors I tackled things a little different this time.  The 'sign' portion of the sign will be fastened to the top of the lid, and then turned upside down and slipped inside for transport. The lid has a raised oval which will house the transformer for the LED lights. The plasma cut 'steel ODYSSEY' letters were positioned and welded to this raised oval. The letters are simple cutouts with a dropped center

02 Nov

That’s a box!

With all the pieces perfectly cut on the MultiCam CNC plasma it was a snap to fit them together, tack everything in place to align all the pieces and then weld things up solid. Once everything was welded it was time for some serious grinding and polishing. It is now a serious and heavy duty box. Once the grinding was done and the lid was fit I sprayed on the reacting acid and watched the rust begin to form instantly.

11 Oct

2016 Sign Challenge

I absolutely love a challenge and when this arrived in my inbox I jumped at the chance!  Of the twenty invited sign makers there have been twelve of the world's best respond already. The competition is going to be incredibly intense and fun! Best of all of the entrants will be gathered in Orlando at the International Sign Show for everyone to talk to and perhaps garner some great tips. I look forward to seeing the entries all lined up in a row.  MultiCam has stepped up as a sponsor of the display space for the entries. Precision Board (Coastal Enterprises)  has also signed on as a sponsor.