We like big blocks and we can not lie…

We have a lot of action going on here this week! Making custom blocks is something we take pride in and is one of the great things that separates us from our competition. It only took a couple of days and two forklifts to get this 19 footer out the door.





Our team has been bonding blocks for over 20 years and tight bond joints are our specialty. Using our EP-76 high strength machinable epoxy, and adding PB granules, we’re able to match the density of the material which allows for ease of machining and the ability to keep the CNC  running fast.


PBLT-15 Bonded Blocks


PBLT-15 Bonded Blocks

It’s great that customers take advantage of our one-of-a-kind service. Custom bonded blocks save extreme amounts of time and money by arriving on the job ready to machine immediately.

How Will A Custom Bonded Block Help Your Business?

Coastal Enterprises bonded blocks – increasing your LEAN manufacturing efficiency! By arriving ready to machine, custom bonded blocks eliminate bonding, decrease machining time, and use less material than purchasing sheets or blocks and bonding to size.

Send us a drawing and we will build a custom Precision Board Plus HDU block to meet your specifications. Our bonding technicians have over thirty years experience building complex tooling blocks and our high strength EP-76 bonding epoxy has the capability of matching the durometer of the tooling block. This means the bond line will be the same density as the material and won’t affect your cutting tool when machining.

Shorten your deadlines, extend your tool life and eliminate the bonding step – get a quote on a custom bonded block today!

The latest bonded block of Precision Board Plus HDU. This is PBLT-15 bonded with Coastal’s EP-76 high strength epoxy.