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07 Jul

Dragon Continued…

It’s time for all of the final details – I’m really trying to make this guy old and weathered – I’ve applied my last layer of magic sculpt – I’ve carved scales into his chest and given some texture to the soft tissue areas – I’ll let this harden then I’m ready for primer.

02 Jul

The Competition is On – A Fish Tale

Our mentor from the North, Dan Sawatsky, has been posting a super cool project that he has been working on at http://imaginationcorporation.com/journal/ .  We saw that he was involved in a friendly competition with some other superstar sign makers and we wanted in. The rules of the competition – create a sign for the “The Institute for the Study of Mechanical Marine Life”.  The only requirement is that the sign has the text on it and that it includes a mechanical fish of some sort. We have until September 2nd to make this a good one – we’ll have to do the work at night as we are extremely busy – but it will be a fun! Game on! So Brian and I did a little brainstorming.

25 Jul

The Mechanical Fish Needs A Place to Live!

We may have dug ourselves a hole all the way to the bottom of the ocean! That’s right. We have one month to go with our little “mechanical fish” project and we are still coming up with great ideas on the fly that are adding a lot of time to the project. But we love doing this stuff so I’m ok with it. I’ve been feverishly designing and making the cosmetic details of the exterior sign.  Brian has been working the armature, welding, designing and building the fish tank. Next week these elements will start going together and we’ll really get to see just how deep we are. Brian has a basic frame welded at the base then added a 4.5″ steel pipe – this pipe will hold the weight of the upper fish tank no problem