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15 Jan

A New Angle.

Here are some shots of our latest install. We would like to thank Amy for trusting us with creating their masterpiece. Metallic latex paints were used on all surfaces of this one. The sign was fabricated using our Multicam CNC router to carve 30lb density Precision Board Plus.

06 Jan

Awesome new signage for Park Street Pizza!

Park Street Pizza is a GO! Rocky has done some amazing work on his building, so it’s time to finish it all off with some cool new signage. Over the next 4-5 weeks, you’ll see various new signs popping up. We’ll be making a one of a kind entry sign, a new logo sign for the end of the building, and we’ll be following that up with a gorgeous new road sign. For this project we’ll be utilizing tons of cool products. Modern Masters paints , Precision Board , real cedar posts and planking, and tons of carving on our Multicam 3000 series Router.

04 Nov

The Victorian Suite. Installed

The owners of the Victorian Suite sent us final install pics over the weekend. We would like to share them with you. This project was an example of what we can do on a tight budget. The client elected to install the project himself so that could save on install costs

31 Oct

Factory Street Pub and Grill. Part 1

Here it is. Factory Street Pub and Grill. This will be the first post in a series on how we fabricate signs here at Synergy. We’ll be walking you through the shop designs, welding, carving, lighting, painting, and install on this project. We took this design in front of a historical district review panel yesterday and everyone was floored