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08 Apr

Head back to Las Vegas

  • April 8, 2015
  • guest_YdrgL

Every year right around this time, the International Sign Show rolls around. This year it is in Las Vegas and I’m on my way there as we speak. Usually, I’m looking for new equipment and demonstrations, but this year is a little different. We’ll be hanging out in the Coastal Enterprises booth answering questions about our signs that have been getting a lot of attention. We also have meetings scheduled with quite a few of our vendors including Laird Plastics, Multicam, and Onsrud.

15 Jan

The New Multicam CNC Router is installed!

Towards the end of 2014, it had become abundantly clear to us that we had outgrown our Multicam 1000 series router. While it was a great machine that worked well for us for the last 6 years, we were asking a little too much of it with the demands of our 3D carvings. Now, don’t get me wrong, it worked flawlessly on the Teal project, Kc’s, and the FSRC sign, but we were looking for a little more speed and the ability to run 40hr CNC programs if we needed. After talking to Robert and Denis at Multicam Great Lakes, we decided to order a new machine. The machine arrived in late December and we spent the last 3 weeks running electrical, air, and dust collection lines

29 Oct

Special Thanks to all of our new Partners and Sponsors.

We signed on with another Partner today. Modern Masters has been gracious enough to supply us all of the paints for our upcoming gear projects. We will be building 2 gears for Multicam and 1 gear for Coastal Enterprises . All three gears will be getting painted with Modern Masters Metallics and reactive paints. Modern Masters will also be featuring us in their ad materials throughout the coming year, so keep an eye out for us! We would like to send out a formal thanks to Robert and Denis @ Multicam, Greg @ Modern Masters, and Kellie @ Coastal Enterprises for acknowledging our work and helping us raise the bar in the sign industry