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30 Aug

Almost the last of the trim

One of the MultiCam's strong suits is production routing. It can churn out identical parts all day long with little work from me. The thing is I don't often produce copies of anything we make.

14 Aug

Putting up outside trim

Late last summer I posted pictures and file creation blogs of the outside trim of the new house. As the summer weather waned we tucked all the pieces away and concentrated our efforts on finishing the inside of the house. That work took until recently to substantially finish to the point we could move in at last a few weeks ago. Then came the big job of emptying the old house and stripping it of usable items. Today it came down at last.

29 Jul

Outside trim

Last fall I routed a whole bunch of outside trim for the house but as the cooler weather of the season set in we tucked it away and concentrated instead on the inside of the house. Now, with the inside largely complete we are turning out attention once again to the outside. The trim features layered heart insets and is painted with base coats and three colored glazes. It was designed in EnRoute of course and routed from 30 lb Precision Board on our MultiCam. It will take the rest of the week to finish off the painting of the existing trim.

30 Mar

Assembling the pieces

As I sorted and transferred my old files to a new computer this past week I put all of the router files I had created for the new house in one place. I was surprised to see that there were more than 200 files so far

24 Feb

One of a kind bridge

Before the large crown molding can go up around the living/dining room area we have to finish off the sides of the bridge that goes over the same area. I've been working on countless ideas for the bridge since well before we even started construction on the house. I've filled many pages of my sketchbook with these ideas but nothing clicked..

21 Feb

More fancy

The giant crown molding production continued today and will for a few days yet. Today we routed the first of the rounded crown moldings that will top the living and dining room windows. I had to work with the material I had in stock and so they will be done in segments and joined , most likely up on the wall

20 Feb

Giant crown molding

We are finally at a point in the project where I can begin work on the giant crown moldings that go around the living and dining room and up and over the big round windows. We wanted them to match the smaller crown molding that is to go on the kitchen cupboards. I traced the end of the molding and then imported that into EnRoute which I then traced to create the vectors needed

12 Jan

Rapid Texture wainscot progress

Over the last while I've routed ten sheets of 30 lb Precision Board with Rapid Texture for the wainscoting. In the last few days our finish carpenters have begun trimming the sheets to size and installing them in the new house. In preparation I also designed surrounds for the plugs.