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02 Aug

Installing trim

The routed pieces were mitered and then fastened in place.  We then used sculpting epoxy to fill the holes and seams before painting. The pieces will get three coats of base color and then three layers of glaze. The hearts will be then painted pink to match the corner block trim on the rest of the house like in the background of the photo. Today the last of the trim was painted for around the circular windows and doors

01 Aug

Final details

We've created more than 200 routing files for the trim on the house and routed thousands of pieces over the last two years. In the last three weeks we've been working hard to finish the outside and this includes creating even more routing files and then routing a bunch more pieces. Thankfully there aren't many areas left to do. The trim around the front and patio doors was routed yesterday and assembled today. This afternoon I created the routing files for the decorative bands around the patio posts

04 Feb

House featured in South Africa

Janis and I designed and built our new house for ourselves, to enjoy and be comfortable. It is also designed to showcase the things we are passionate about. Although there is still a lot of work to do to totally finish it off the house has garnered a lot of attention already. The latest was a feature in a South African architecture magazine. I was interviewed late last year by a fellow from England who was writing some articles about how EnRoute Software was being used

21 Sep

HEARTS! Everywhere.

We are wrapping up the routing on the house project for the season as we move on to begin the major customer project that will take us into NEXT summer. The crew is split right now with half finishing up the work on the house and the other half busy on the new. My job is to juggle and organize everyone, plus the final planning for the big project plus the preliminary planning for the next after that. I'm also trying to squeeze in as much physical work as I can as well. Half the shop is stacked with almost completed trim in the final stages of paint.

06 Sep

Last routed piece for inside new house

Today a long awaited piece is on the MultiCam. It's the last piece for inside the new house. In the last nineteen months I've created more than 200 routing files in EnRoute and we've routed thousands of pieces. Now the last piece is on the router for the interior with not many left on the outside to go