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23 May

Roofer’s sign

The roof supplier for our nerd house has been in business for 75 years. They had a logo they loved and so I just had to interpret it to be a dimensional sign.

21 May

Window bucks almost complete

The last week has been a hectic one. The crew has been busy in the shop but most of my time has been spent on the new house project. There are so many decisions to be made at the start it seems

13 May

Knock, knock

A short while back we designed and cut the mock window shapes. Today we assembled the fist window buck thick combined four windows and one door into one large piece.

29 Apr

Making the pieces puzzle shaped

This morning I fired up the MultiCam to cut the pieces for the window bucks. There were sixty-four pieces in all, cut from 25 sheets of half inch plywood. In spite of having other projects on the go that distracted me the task was done in less than two hours

27 Apr

Jigsaw delight

It is not often I use our MultiCam to merely cut pieces. With the new house now in progress it will get pressed into service to cut shapes more often than it has in the past. The first task is to cut the window bucks or forms

20 Apr


We've chosen to go with INNOTECH windows and doors for our new house. These windows are the among the greenest out there and with triple glazing on the north/road side of the house they should work exceptionally well