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04 Aug

More trim

There are many files and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of pieces to route for the new house. We are concentrating on the outside trim these day and keeping the MultiCam running day and night. The last few days we've been working on the round window trims.

30 Jul

2D fun

Now that we use EnRoute and our MultiCam router I couldn't imagine building a house like ours without these marvelous tools. We've designed and cut hundreds of pieces already for the project and will be adding a while bunch more before we are done. The files we created and cut today were simple 2D shapes that will be combined to form something far more complex

12 Jul

CNC house

The MultiCam has been busy in the last few days routing the many pieces we needed to create the vaulted ceilings in the upstairs bonus rooms, and the living/dining room. As the machine cut the pieces effortlessly it brought back memories of many hours cutting similar pieces by hand back in the days before we got the CNC router.

07 Jul

Firs trim installed

The new house is coming along great! The roof sheeting is a couple of days from completion. While the carpenters were busy on the roof we were busy on the ground floor welding up the framework for the trees and then attaching the lath for the plasterwork to follow. At long last we are now ready to begin icing the cake