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18 Apr

It grow on you

With the new house there are so many things going on and so many decisions to make. It is almost overwhelming at this stage but we are making great progress

13 Apr

Dimensioning a corporate logo

Most of the work we do is stuff I design. These pieces are thought out from first concept as a three dimensional pieces. For the new house project I am doing dimensional versions of some logos which I did not design and this means I have to translate their corporate looking logos into three dimensional form without destroying the integrity of the original design.  The first thing I do is look at the design and decide what is flexible and what isn't. Obviously the fonts and symbols are cast in stone as is the layout of the same

04 Apr

We have a plan!

Five weeks ago I posted the first images of some ideas for our planned house. Now it is officially a go with real plans and drawings in hand at last.

21 Feb

Ultimate project?

They say the hardest project for any artist to do is one for themselves. I know it to be true through experience. But these projects also allow us the ultimate freedom to do what pleases us and have the potential to be out best work