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09 Aug

Business Signs by Gibbs Graphics

Gibbs Graphics cracks the code for memorable HDU business signs Gibbs Graphics is a full-service marketing team based out of Leavenworth, Washington. With a talented team of artists and designers on their roster, they can tackle the marketing needs of a company from top to bottom. This includes designing and building some very cool dimensional business signs..

20 May

Suffolk University – 3D Design with Precision Board

Suffolk University Students Design with Precision Board HDU Precision Board is a truly user-friendly medium for art and design. It allows even the most entry-level artists, architects, and designers to create a tangible object from just an idea and some rudimentary tools. Whether the objective is structural, architectural, or abstract, anyone can design with Precision Board! Creating..

13 May

SAMPE Long Beach 2016: Free Passes!

Get your FREE PASSES to SAMPE Long Beach 2016! Visit us at Booth O41 In less than two weeks, the Coastal Enterprises team will be setting up shop at SAMPE Long Beach 2016, to rub elbows with some of the country’s top-notch companies and individuals in the advanced materials industries. SAMPE is the only conference..

29 Jul

Hi-Perf. Composites Article Discusses Metal Vs. Soft Tooling

  • July 29, 2014
  • Admin

Much-respected composites publication Hi-Performance Composites featured Coastal Enterprises in their July issue. The article, written by Sarah Black, examines the cost-savings polyurethane foam blocks can provide for certain layup tooling applications, referencing the famous Nemesis Air Racing plane of which many parts were produced from Precision Board molds. Also discussed: Time-saving benefits of custom, pre-bonded Precision..