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03 Oct

Dan Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

Perhaps one of the most innovative forces in the signage industry today, Dan Sawatzky and his Imagination Corporation are a household name among many sign makers. Dan has been a friend of Coastal for many years and is a huge fan of Precision Board Plus, especially the higher densities such as PBLT-30 and PBLT-40. Kellie Miller, our..

07 Mar

Precision Board Plus FAQ’s

  • March 7, 2012
  • Admin

Have you ever had questions about painting, CNC machining, or laminating Precision Board Plus? Our FAQ page on our website has answers for the signage, tooling and boat building industries and is designed to make your job easier. It covers everything from standard sizes, the tools used to cut Precision Board Plus, proper oven and autoclave..


Precision Board HDU – INVENTORY AVAILABLE – Any Sizes – Ready to Ship!  Contact for Pricing