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12 Mar

How Chip Load Factors into CNC Router Speeds and Feeds

  • March 12, 2019
  • Tai Freligh

We often get asked about optimal speeds and feeds settings for CNC routing of Precision Board HDU.  While there is a lot of great information on our website about feeds and speeds, what doesn’t get talked about as much is something called “chip load”.  Chip load can be defined as the size or thickness of..

27 Feb

AXYZ Technical Tip: Are you using the right speeds and feeds?

  • February 27, 2019
  • Tai Freligh

When it comes to routing Precision Board HDU with a CNC machine, we often get asked questions about proper settings for speeds and feeds.  We came across this excellent article from AXYZ, a global manufacturer of CNC router systems and CNC knife systems.  They do a great job explaining what feeds and speeds are as..

31 Jul
Skallywag Bay

Speeds and Feeds Used to Improve CNC Efficiency

  • July 31, 2018
  • Tai Freligh

Wondering about ways to improve your CNC efficiency while still getting clean cuts and reducing down time?  Use the following speeds and feeds settings from LMT Onsrud and also MultiCam as a starting point and play around with them until you get the right combination for the router bits you are using and also the CNC..

17 Apr

MultiCam CNC Speeds and Feeds for Precision Board HDU

One of the more frequent inquiries we receive at Coastal Enterprises involves questions about CNC machining of Precision Board HDU. Typical questions include, “what type of cutter works best,” “where do I start with my speed and feed settings,” and “what should my chip load be?” We asked our friends at MultiCam USA to rout shapes with a CNC..

14 Nov
techno cnc systems

Routing Precision Board HDU with a Techno CNC Systems Machine

Techno CNC Systems has worked with Coastal Enterprises for a long time, so we thought it would be fun to have them fabricate a sign out of Precision Board HDU.  Bob Valentine put together a CAM design using both the Techno CNC Systems and Coastal Enterprises logos.  He then routed a 2″ thick piece of..

06 Aug

Speeds and Feeds

One of the more frequent inquiries we receive at Coastal Enterprises involves questions about machining Precision Board Plus HDU. For those that are experienced in working with the product, we typically hear things like, “this stuff cuts like butter” ,“my cutters last longer”, “I can set my CNC to a higher feed rate” or our favorite,..

12 Sep

Achieving Optimal Performance When CNC Routing HDU

  • September 12, 2012
  • admin

What are the benefits of having the correct cutting bit, and proper speed and feed settings on your CNC router? Better Chip Load Less Time Routing More Chips, Less Dust Increase The Life Of The Cutting Bit We recently had some Precision Board Plus tested by our friends at LMT Onsrud, router bit manufacturers and..

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