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Shout it out!

We needed one more sign for a key area in the Fox and Hounds Pub. The sign wouldn't be large, measuring about 30 inches tall at most but it needed to shout out.

One sign on the go!

Today I made a quick trip to the Fox and Hounds to install the smaller of the two logo signs. It instantly snapped into place and looked perfect in it's new home.  Then it was back to the shop to load…

A few more pictures

The electrician is coming to power up the new router tomorrow at last. Wednesday morning, early, I am off to Atlantic City for the presentation of my seminars there. All this means I won't be doing any…

here and there.

As the final painting is done we jump from project to project finishing various bits as the contractor and electrician signs off on each area. The progress continues to be a bit haphazard but definite…