Art Deco Gable End

Sculptor and carver Jayce Fox used Precision Board to create this beautiful decorative piece that fits within the gable end of a client’s home. “The Art Deco format was inspired by the time period the home was built [1915]. The abstract sun rays symbolize well-being and the open surrounding countryside, while the carved apples, leaves and birds represent the surrounding orchards,” says Jayce.

The main body of the sign is 2” thick and the panels and trim range from 1” to 2”. They were applied after the carving was complete. Four inches of HDU were laminated on top of the sign face for the birds and apples, and then carved from a single piece of PBLT-20.

The carving of this sign took 114 hours to complete and everything else required approximately 20 hours. Jayce tells us that he “used 20 lb. density, it’s a nice balanced weight for quick removal of material and structural strength.”

Rotary tools (foredom, dremels), chisels, gouges and rifflers were used to carve the frieze and letters. The trim and edges were shaped by hand and a hand-held router, while the main sign panel and sunray pieces were cut on a CNC.

The sign’s single light color allowed the piece to visually integrate with the house’s architecture and lets the features be naturally defined with light and shadow. The sign was primed with two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start, which allows effective coverage while having low viscosity for ease of application. The piece was finished with two coats of Benjamin Moore acrylic eggshell paint.

“Carving is a process of shaping light and shadow,” says Jayce, “The contrast of shadow against the angled surface to gather maximum height creates more of an illusion of depth.”


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