Custom Mandrels For Filament Wound Tank Manufacturers

As a trusted leader in custom-bonded tooling solutions, Coastal Enterprises Company is pleased to announce the addition of our custom-bonded mandrels for filament-wound tank and pressure-vessel producers. Mandrels can be of any size rectangle or square shape.


Our custom-bonded Precision Board mandrels are designed to enable manufacturers of filament-wound tanks, cylinders and pressure vessels to be more accommodating to last minute design changes. A Precision Board mandrel can help reduce machining time for prototypes or low-volume projects.

Rigid polyurethane mandrels are beneficial to hydraulic, gas, hydrogen, compressed air, and general-purpose filament-wound tank and pressure vessel producers. Companies in the composites, aerospace, marine, oil & gas and other related industries can save on labor and time through this innovative tooling method.

Precision Board offers Custom Mandrel Service. Any of our 15 densities can be utilized in this application. These Precision Board high-density urethane mandrels can be readily machined. Engineering design changes can be easily accommodated by bonding additional material to the affected area and then re-machined.

  • Reduce in-house production time
  • Immediately start machining upon the mandrels arrival
  • Flexibility with last-minute design changes

Custom-Bonded Mandrels, Any Size or Shape, Fast!

We embed your custom pipe into the Precision Board mandrel and build it to your specifications, which mean it arrives to you ready for immediate machining –helping you save time, and money.

Let us worry about the finer details

Large or small, we will move fast to custom bond your mandrel and have it ready to machine. Fast turn around is our specialty!

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