PB Bond 240

Each adhesive product manufactured by Coastal Enterprises is made especially for use with Precision Board High Density Urethane and with specific performance characteristics in mind, enabling you to tackle any bonding challenge. We pride ourselves in making our HDU adhesive with the highest of standards in mind. Our satisfaction comes from providing our customers with strong and durable bonds, every time. We set out to create the best adhesive to bond our Precision Board HDU, and after exhaustive work in the lab, our chemists have formulated three products to meet the needs of the artistic and industrial customer alike.

PB Bond 240 HDU Adhesive

pb-240 adhesivePB Bond-240 HDU Adhesive is an amber colored, one part, urethane adhesive that works well for indoor or outdoor applications. It cures from a liquid to a solid state with a slight amount of moisture. Use it to join Precision Board High Density Urethane sheets with butt bonds to make them longer or wider, and for laminating sheets together to make them thicker. The consistency of PB Bond-240 HDU Adhesive is similar to honey, making it easy to apply directly from the container. No mixing is required. Cure time: 4 hours before moving, full strength in 12 hours.

Features You Can Count On

  • One step application – no mixing required
  • More working time – fully cures in 12 hours
  • Quickly butt bond sheets together to create sheets of virtually any size
  • Great for keeping “bone yard” to a minimum
  • Easily laminate sheets to create desired thickness

Quick tips for using PB Bond 240

  • Lightly spray or wipe mating pieces with water just prior to application.
  • Apply just enough PB Bond-240 HDU Adhesive to change the color of Precision Board.
  • Allow PB Bond to slightly bubble and thicken before pushing pieces together.
  • Allow minimum 4 hours cure prior to moving bonded part. Full strength in 12 hours.
  • Keep glue line as thin as possible for ease of sandblasting. Clamping is necessary.
  • To blend joint into background after sanding, prime both joint and background with FSC-88 WB primer/filler.
  • Drill a small hole in cap to act as dispensing nozzle. After using, cover hole with tape.

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions