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SignCraft is a resource for those in the business of making signs—flat signs, 3D signs, vehicle graphics and any signage produced with cut or printed vinyl, CNC routing or by hand. It covers design, materials, pricing, sales, and shop operation. Available in print and online, it gives an inside look at several sign shops, step-by-step articles on sign making, pricing comparisons and hundreds of photos of effective signs of all types.  You can subscribe here.

Precision Board HDU is featured in the pages of SignCraft:


Professional Finishes Deliver Value

Photo Opportunities Deliver Powerful Advertising (by Dan Sawatzky)


Combining Traditional Skills and Today’s Technology (by Dan Sawatzky)

Themed Signage Down on the Farm (by Dan Sawatzky)

Sign Panels and Substrates at Work

Design & Price: 3D Residential Sign

Use paints and finishes to add value

My dimensional sign making roots (by Dan Sawatzky)

Creating a theme and a package for an ice cream parlor (by Dan Sawatzky)

The Challenges of Concept Design (by Dan Sawatzky)

Mark Yearwood (cover image + article)

CNC routing lets you sell the value that 3D adds

A landmark sign for a pet hospital (by Dan Sawatzky)

Rob Estes


Substrate Roundup: Balancing Cost and Performance

A sign for the chicken house (by Dan Sawatzky)

CNC-routed graphics deliver value

A big project done on “island time” (by Dan Sawatzky)

Joel Lunsford (cover story)

Shane Durnford (that gable is PBLT-18)

Quality signs call for dependable finishes

Design a winning trade show booth (by Dan Sawatzky)

Hank Pryor


Signs We’ve Seen

A Very Special Sign (by Dan Sawatzky)

New ride signage creates a park’s new theme (by Dan Sawatzky)

Themed projects are easier to build in-house (by Dan Sawatzky)

A steam train sample project (by Dan Sawatzky)

Playing with plasma fire (by Dan Sawatzky)


What’s it cost to produce this 30-by-60-in. entry sign?

What’s in a name? (by Dan Sawatzky)

Laser at work: using HDU board

Another Sign Challenge project (by Dan Sawatzky)

Diesel-powered mechanical sign painting marvel (by Dan Sawatzky)

The attraction signs of Scallywag Bay (by Dan Sawatzky)


Building the mighty Kraken (by Dan Sawatzky)

Jeff Wisdom

Get your client noticed at a trade show (by Dan Sawatzky)


Vital Signs Verona


What’s it cost to produce this fascia sign?