Primer & Filler

Our primer and filler are high solid content, high quality products made specifically for use with Precision Board HDU. They are unlike any other products available and are formulated to the perfect consistency for easy use with HDU.

FSC-88 WB HDU Surface Primer

fsc-88 primer and fillerFSC-88 WB is a sprayable, brushable, rollable water based primer and filler that is used to fill and smooth Precision Board HDU  prior to finishing with paints and coatings. Use FSC-88 WB when a smooth surface is desired, or as a primer to ensure paint adhesion. It dries rapidly and sands easily. FSC-88 WB also works well on wood, concrete, and metal. Prior to using FSC-88 WB HDU Primer, use FSC-360 WB HDU Crack & Repair Putty to fill cuts, dings or any other damage.

FSC-88 WB HDU Primer Features

  • Spray it, brush it or roll it. FSC- 88 WB HDU Primer is easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water
  • Allows for an ultra-smooth surface when applied to PBLT and PBHT
  • Also works on wood, metal and concrete – call for info on thinning rate

Quick tips for using FSC-88 WB HDU Primer

  • Use FSC-360 WB HDU Filler to fill cuts, dings any other damage prior to priming with FSC-88 WB HDU Primer.
  • Brush or Roller- apply a smooth creamy coat and thoroughly work into surface. Allow surface to become tack free before applying a 2nd creamy coat. Do not sand between coats. Reduce with water about 3% when applying with a roller to reduce drag and extend drying time.
  • Spray- apply initial coat to all surfaces requiring a smooth finish. Do not allow to run. When tack free (about 10 minutes) apply a 2nd, slightly heavier coat. If desired smoothness has not been achieved, continue applying multiple thin coats until desired smoothness is reached. Never sand between coats.
  • Sanding of FSC-88 WB HDU Primer can take place as soon as it does not ball up on the sand paper.
  • Painting- once completely dry, FSC-88 WB is compatible with most interior and exterior paints and lacquers. Be sure paint all surfaces for proper paint tension balance.
  • Ask for free copy of priming video.
  • Use shop fan blowing across primed item to assure complete drying of FSC-88.

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions

FSC-360 WB HDU Filler

fsc-360 fillerFSC-360 WB is a water based crack filling and repair material specifically formulated for use on Precision Board High Density Urethane (HDU). It also works well on wood, metal, and adheres to most plastics. FSC-360 WB Filler dries quickly and sands easily. Use FSC-360 WB Filler for repairing scrapes, holes, or any type of damage. FSC-360 WB Filler works well in conjunction with FSC-88 WB Primer and Filler. Complete all repairs with FSC-360 WB Filler prior to final primer/putty application. For complete surface filling, use FSC-88 WB primer/filler.

FSC-360 WB HDU Filler Features

  • Quickly repairs surface damage on PBLT or PBHT
  • Adheres to wood, metal and most plastics
  • Drys fast and is easily sanded

Quick tips for using FSC-360 WB HDU Filler

  • Repair all scrapes, holes and cracks with FSC-360 WB HDU Filler prior to priming with FSC-88 Primer.
  • Make sure surface is clean.
  • Apply after sandblasting is complete.
  • Apply with a Putty knife working into surface. “Wet out” Precision Board with first application.
  • Apply in lifts 1/8” to ¼” and allow to dry 30 to 45 minutes between lifts
  • Finish sand with 120 grit sandpaper. Drying can be accelerated by allowing a large shop fan to blow across surface..
  • Allow to dry completely. FSC-360 WB HDU Filler is compatible with a all types of finish primers and paints

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions

How to Use FSC-360 HDU Putty/ Crack Filler – Watch Video