Texture & Coating


Coastal Enterprises has painstakingly researched a line HDU texture and coating products to perform specifically with Precision Board HDU. Each is made from the finest ingredients, with ease of application for the sign or model maker, as well as longevity for the final product in mind.

TSF-45 HDU Texture Surface Finish

tsf-45 texture surface finishTSF-45 HDU Texture Surface Finish is an extremely tough, flexible coating that has been compounded specifically for use in creating a variety of texture surfaces on Precision Board High Density Urethane. TSF-45 is a white exterior grade material that does not require surface priming prior to use. Use TSF-45 whenever creativity calls for a flexible, textured type finish.

TSF-45 is white and filled with an unusual type of material that will allow it to be finished using the same type of methods for finishing cementitious type plaster products. It can be swirl finished, skip trowel finished, stucco finished, stipple finished, or many other interesting surface finishes such as wood grain. It will also make the surface of Precision Board HDU much tougher and stronger.

TSF-45 adheres directly, without priming, to clean Precision Board HDU, concrete, wood, steel, glass, even galvanized metal. Works well for blending monument signs, to texture steel poles, and quickly adding wood grain into the background of signs with routed letters.

Features You Can Count On

  • Tough, yet flexible
  • Create authentic looking texture like stone and wood grain
  • Great for blending different material types in sign or model applications
  • Adheres to concrete, wood, steel, glass and even galvanized metal

Quick tips for using TSF-45 HDU Texture Surface Finish

  • Make sure surface is clean and free of any residual dust or grit from prior processes.
  • Apply with a trowel, spatula, hopper gun or painters mitt directly from the container. Thinning is not recommended.
  • Apply in two coats, making sure to wet out entire surface to be coated with first coat to ensure good adhesion.
  • Apply 2nd coat in sufficient quantity to achieve desired effect. First coat must be tack free dry.
  • Try to achieve desired effect as soon as possible to prevent material from becoming overworked. If material does become overworked, simply add a little more TSF-45 to surface and continue.

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions

PB Hard Coat HDU Protective Coating

pb hard-coat protective coatingPB Hard Coat HDU Protective Coating is a two component system comprised of a dry mixture and a liquid resin. When mixed, it becomes a very easy to use thick coating that can be finished into any desired texture. PB Hard Coat can be applied to any thickness and dries to a rock hard protective coating in about 2 hours. PB Hard Coat is non flammable and non hazardous.

PB Hard Coat Features

  • Dries to a rock hard protective coating in approximately 2 hrs – depending on thickness.
  • Create authentic looking texture like stone and wood grain
  • Compatible with all types of paints and primers
  • Fun to work with.

Quick tips for using PB Hard Coat HDU Protective Coating

  • Mix three parts of dry mixture to one part liquid resin until consistency of smooth paste. Change application surface by increasing or decreasing liquid resin.
  • Make sure surfaces are clean
  • Apply with trowel, painters mitt or hopper gun, etc. Work into entire surface to be coated to achieve complete wet out for good adhesion.
  • Texturing should begin immediately after application. PB Hard Coat can be smooth troweled, skip troweled, hand shaped or “drawn” to create desired texture effect (stippling, stone, wood grain,etc.)
  • Mist with water if surface becomes over worked.
  • Allow to dry completely before painting

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions

PB Resin HDU Epoxy

PB Resin is a two-part modified clear epoxy resin that can be applied in its clear form, or mixed with lettering enamels to quickly and easily create a high gloss, smooth texture, color finish. PB Resin HDU Epoxy will create an ultra smooth texture on Precision Board HDU, any density, with no priming and no sanding. PB Resin can also be applied to polystyrene, wood, stone, steel, aluminum, and almost any other substrate. A smooth, opaque finish can usually be achieved on flat surfaces in one coat. No priming, no sanding! Extremely rough areas may need two coats.

PB Resin Features

  • Can be applied clear or tinted with oil based paints or lettering enamels
  • Creates an ultra smooth texture in one coat without priming or sanding
  • Highly durable

Quick tips for using PB Resin HDU Epoxy

  • Mix PB Resin part A and part B (50/50) by volume thoroughly for at least two minutes.
  • PB Resin can be tinted to any color using standard oil based paints or lettering enamels. Use approximately 1 tsp. of color to 8 oz of PB resin. Test color blockout effectiveness by pouring small amount on newsprint. Only use enough color to block printing.
  • Apply resin directly from mixing cup or from a squeeze bottle applicator and allow to allow to completely flow out. Flow can be assisted with a stir stick, etc. PB Resin’s surface tension will keep it from going over the edge if you are careful spreading it out.
  • Allow complete cure before applying a second coat or lettering enamels (approximately 24 hrs.).
  • Do not handle for at least 4 hr.
  • Pot life (working time for 100 grams) is about 60 minutes at 75°-80°F. More quanity and/or more temperature results in shorter pot life.
  • Complete cure time: approximately 24 hr.

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions