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28 Jan

Dan Sawatzky and The Tottering Tortoise

We love using Precision Board in our shop to create unique dimensional signs and we go through literally tons of it each year. Precision Board is versatile and easy to work with as it accepts almost any finish and is durable over the long haul. Even so, it is rare that we only use Precision..

21 Jun

Sawatzky Guest Blog: Zoe’s Pizza, Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed the design and initial routing of the Zoe’s Pizza sign, including insight into how we constructed the welded steel frame. Today we’re going to look at how we create the final textures, colors, and glazes for the finished piece.

30 Apr

Sawatzky Guest Blog: Zoe’s Pizza, Part 1

For the third year in a row we are designing and fabricating a bunch of dimensional signs for a great customer in Nebraska. This sign is for a pizza restaurant on the property, named after a granddaughter Zoe.

23 Jul

Turn a Flat Sign into 3D with Precision Board HDU!

This guest blog is written by Adam Carlson with CNC Tahoe.  He talks about how a local sign company, Dollar Signs and Graphics, approached him to carve two large crosses with roses around them for a new sign they were making for a local church.

21 Jul

Which Precision Board Density is Right for You?

  • July 21, 2020
  • Admin

Coastal Enterprises offers 16 different densities of Precision Board HDU ranging from 4lb up to 75lb, but what does that mean for me?  In this short Q&A blog, we’ll explain how density correlates to physical properties as it pertains to your individual project.  We’ll also give you the pros and cons of higher versus lower densities..