Each adhesive product manufactured by Coastal Enterprises is made especially for use with Precision Board High Density Urethane and with specific performance characteristics in mind, enabling you to tackle any bonding challenge. We pride ourselves in making our HDU adhesive with the highest of standards in mind. Our satisfaction comes from providing our customers with strong and durable bonds, every time. We set out to create the best adhesive to bond our Precision Board HDU, and after exhaustive work in the lab, our chemists have formulated three products to meet the needs of the artistic and industrial customer alike.

EP-76 Epoxy HDU Adhesive

ep-76 2-part epoxy adhesiveEP-76 Epoxy HDU Adhesive is a two component epoxy bonding resin. It is designed to bond Precision Board to itself to make longer, wider, or thicker pieces, sheets, or blocks. EP-76 HDU Adhesive is available with a separate container of PB Granules to allow variable consistency and ease of machining. EP-76 HDU Adhesive will not shrink and can be machined, drilled, tapped, sawed, and feathered to a zero edge. It contains no metallic fillers, is a non-conductor of electricity, and will not promote electrolysis.

EP-76 HDU Adhesive is suitable for interior and exterior exposure. The thickness consistency of EP-76 can be adjusted using PB-Granules to allow bonding of both horizontal and vertical surfaces. i.e.: edge bonding and sheet laminating. The durometer hardness and machinability of EP-76 can be adjusted and closely matched to the Precision Board densities by adding PB Granules as outlined in the PB EP-76 HDU Adhesive Product Data Sheet.

Features You Can Count On

  • Permanently edge bond HDU sheets together to create sheets of virtually any size
  • Permanently laminate sheets and blocks to create desired thickness and shape
  • Match durometer hardness and machinabilty to the specific Precision Board density
  • Waterproof bond line

Quick tips for using EP-76

  • Clean and dry surfaces to be bonded thoroughly
  • To increase bond strength, prime entire surface with ungranulated EP-76 HDU Adhesive thinned with 50% acetone and allow to cure thoroughly
  • Mix thoroughly until all streaks of color disappear: mix ratio is 27 hardner to 100 resin.
  • Add granules according match density of Precision Board being bonded. (see chart)
  • Apply EP 76 with a putty knife, forcing material into the Precision Board surface.
  • Pot life (working time for 100 grams) is about 60 minutes at 75°-80°F.
  • Complete cure time: approximately 24 hr.
  • Total and complete mixing is necessary for complete curing. EP-76 HDU Adhesive will remain soft & tacky without adequate mixing.

See Product Data Sheet for detailed use and application instructions