Custom Sheet Cutting

Coastal Enterprises Company is pleased to offer custom sheet cutting within any of our standard Precision Board HDU sheet sizes, saving you time and money.  Custom-cut pieces are delivered to your shop ready to be worked on.  Clean-cut drops/remnants included.  We have 8 sheet sizes ranging up to 5′ x 10′ and in thicknesses of 1/2″ up to 24″.

Advantages of Custom Sheet Cutting

Coastal Enterprises offers custom sheet cutting within our 8 standard sheet sizes, which range from 20″ x 60″ up to 5′ x 10′ in thicknesses from 1/2″ up to 24″ in ANY increment.

If you need 1 1/8″, you don’t need to buy 1 1/2″ and machine it down. Similarly, if your project needs 3 3/4″ thickness, you can get it at that thickness to start with rather than starting with 4″ and machining it down.

This saves time and material and delivers your Precision Board HDU at the exact shape and size you need to get to work.

We can cut a variety of shapes and sizes, including basic geometric shapes, diameters and radiuses.  In most cases custom-cutting is done with no additional charge.

With more standard sheet sizes than anybody else, better yield opportunities are available.

Custom-cut pieces are delivered with all of the remnants/drops, neatly cut and packaged together.

  • Save machining time and money
  • ANY shape, size and thickness desired
  • Start on your project right away
  • Drops are clean-cut and ready for use
  • Fast turnaround

Call Today About Custom Sheet Cutting of Precision Board HDU

Our sales team would be happy to discuss custom sheet cutting options of Precision Board HDU with you.  For immediate assistance, please call: (800) 845-0745.  We’d love to hear from you!

We also offer custom tooling blocks and custom-bonded blocks of Precision Board HDU.

Ask for a model size sample of a custom-bonded step tool to see for yourself!