Making 3D Art from Urethane Foam

Kevin Langmaack is an art instructor at Central Valley Christian School.  He teaches a 3D foam carving art class to high school students.  They learn about creating realistic objects through carving high-density urethane foam.  Langmaack talks about the concepts...

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Making Art Out of Precision Board HDU Drops

Mike Smith with Creative Scribing has a boneyard with drops of Precision Board HDU from his day job and uses them to make various projects- like shop signs and artwork.  His most recent creation involved some drops that he turned into an Art Deco wall hanging.  Mike...

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Harley Quinn Heats up San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Thinking about using Precision Board HDU in combination with other types of materials for a project?  We talked to James A. Powell, VP of Design at Monster City Studios in Fresno, California, about a recent project his team worked on involving both Precision Board and...

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