Making Art Out of Precision Board HDU Drops

Mike Smith with Creative Scribing has a boneyard with drops of Precision Board HDU from his day job and uses them to make various projects- like shop signs and artwork.  His most recent creation involved some drops that he turned into an Art Deco wall hanging.  Mike gives us some tips on how to turn those Precision Board remnants into Rembrandt’s.


“I was watching television one day and I saw something on a wall and I wanted to do something like that. It was an Art Deco design,” Mike says. “I originally cut the full thing out of PBLT-20 foam, but decided there was too much going on, so I kept tinkering and adding pieces to it.”

Because the Precision Board HDU pieces were drops, Smith used primer to fill in spots from where they had been kicked around a bit.  He says he messed up on it, but kept at it, adding pieces here and there until he had it like he wanted it.

Smith made the base out of acrylic and the little pieces out of Precision Board and then painted them in different colors and shapes using Kobra Paint.

“I was going to paint it incredibly crazy colors, but decided to make it look more neon,” he says.  “I’m a fan of really neon colors, so I thought it was something different and cool.”

Mike added, “in the theming industry you have a whole lot of artists, but you don’t really see different materials coming together, truly 3d and popping out at you.”

The Art Deco project was originally going to be one giant panel, but Mike decided to change it to smaller pieces.  “They’re all 3d milled pieces and no single piece is alike.  They’re not all the same kind of square,” he adds. “Some are smaller and different sizes and don’t fit exactly right.  It gives it character.”

Mike tells us he didn’t want to make it out of aluminum because it would be too heavy and not really changeable. “The advantage of using Precision Board is that it’s lightweight, durable and easily carveable.”  He says, “that’s the fun part of working with these materials.  You can do it fast and be flexible.”

This isn’t the first time Mike Smith has used Precision Board HDU drops to create something new.  “I’ll throw stuff together with all the drops I have.  Being able to do all these fun things with the foam and show off what you like to do on a daily basis is a gratifying experience,” says Smith.

Creative Scribing is based in Orlando, Florida.  You can find his company on Instagram.  If you’re interested in learning more about the various things he’s creating, you can contact him via email or give him a call at 321-354-4890. He’d love to hear from you.

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Creative Scribing’s Precision Board CNC Shop Sign