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Month: March 2016
10 Mar

Fun details bottom to top!

I'm having a blast sculpting the details on the Sign Challenge piece. It's a chance to go wild with rivets and have some creative fun.  There's detail at every level of this little piece. The engine is a four cylinder Hemi and was a great deal of fun to do.

09 Mar

Mud magic

The Viking ship project for Motiongate in Dubai continues. The galvanized frames were wired using galvanized lath and special order galvanized tie wire.  Then we could begin the sculpting process.

07 Mar

On track…

My grand daughter Phoebe and I managed a little sculpting time this weekend. We finished the base of the sculpture and mounted the tracks. We even got a good start on the lower portion of the vehicle. I'm happy so far. I've designed the box and stand as well as the upper portions of the imaginative vehicle.

06 Mar

Sign Challenge SURPRISE

There's only seven weeks to go before the 2016 Sign Challenge in Orlando at the International Sign Association Expo. I'll bet there are a bunch of sign makers now scrambling to finish designing and building their entries. Peter and I were a little smug in the knowledge that we had our entries ready to go for some time now.  Then I talked to our friends at Coastal Enterprises.

05 Mar

TEDx Talk by Dan Sawatzky

Last week I was privileged to give a talk at a local TEDx event. My talk was titled "It's time to RETIRE!"  For those interested in seeing the video I include it here...

04 Mar

Going from the gold

The 2016 Sign Challenge to be held at the International Sign Association Expo is coming fast! Peter's and my entry pieces have been ready since the new year but before we sent them off we had one more piece to build. It's the trophy that all of the entrants are hoping for. The design of the prize is meant to reflect the competition itself. The dimensional letters are stacked up inside a crate.

03 Mar

Some serious bling!

Normally the welded steel armatures we build for our sculptures don't get any treatment. Most of the the frames never see the light of day and are hidden inside our sculptures behind a thick layer of sculpted concrete. The pieces going to Dubai are going into a water park environment and the client asked the they be galvanized to ensure they don't rust. Today the galvanizer phoned to tell us they have some out of the zinc vat and were ready for pickup.

02 Mar

Six more routed

With all of the other things going on in our shop these days we manage to design and route three or four name plaques each day. There are still six weeks until the workshops so we will have time to do them at a somewhat leisurely pace. Six more are now ready for paint.

01 Mar


Simon's name plaque was all about using texture bitmaps to manipulate the relief in cool ways. I wanted the finished name plaque to resemble two plates riveted together with the lettering raised over the top. The first step was to create the necessary vectors. I then created two separate fat reliefs. When I hit the render button they appeared as one relief but this is because they were the same height.