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04 Mar

Going from the gold

The 2016 Sign Challenge to be held at the International Sign Association Expo is coming fast! Peter's and my entry pieces have been ready since the new year but before we sent them off we had one more piece to build. It's the trophy that all of the entrants are hoping for. The design of the prize is meant to reflect the competition itself. The dimensional letters are stacked up inside a crate.

19 Jan

Final pics of Peter’s Artistic Android – Sign Challenge piece

We've now taken proper pictures of Peter's Artistic Android. It is an amazing piece and when we take away the background clutter and add proper lighting the piece really comes alive in glorious detail. What is more amazing is that Peter used this piece to learn the ins and outs of EnRoute to create both the routing and plasma cutter. This was also the first time he operated both the MultiCam router and plasma cutter.

01 Jan

Sign Challenge piece done

I had made it my goal to finish my Sign Challenge piece before the New Year. But like all goals the world conspires to keep you from them. I had made a good start early on, bringing the piece very close to finish. Then I got sidetracked with all manners of other projects.

25 Dec

More plasma cutter eye candy

 Peter's Sign Challenge piece would have been almost impossible to accomplish without the new MultiCam plasma cutter. At the very east it made things ten times faster. The speed of the design in EnRoute and the precision of the cutting made fitting the pieces dead easy. The plasma cutter also allowed a complexity which wouldn't have been possible any other way. The top section of the box is removable and slides up into the box from the bottom