Why does the owner of InterSign Group use Precision Board Plus?

Photo 21  final photo of Kiddie Coast sign

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This particular article was written by Mark Roberts, owner of InterSign Group in Houston, TX. Mark has been in business for 38 years and has been using Precision Board Plus HDU for at least 15 of them.

In this write-up you’ll see how Kiddie Coast came to life. The project took Mark about 3 weeks of production time from start to finish which included digital printing, carving and painting of Precision Board. This article also offers you, the reader, tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful sign such as this one.

“The ease of working with Precision Board’s larger sheet sizes and multiple densities, helps with any job he’s working on. Precision Board Plus is my preferred HDU material. I have always had success with it, and am an extremely satisfied customer,” says Mark.  He also uses the FSC-88 WB Water Based Primer/Filler as it allows for fast coverage of HDU, dries rapidly and sands easily.

If you would like to see more of Mark’s fabulous work, or would like information about his company go to http://www.theintersigngroup.com/ or call him at 713-941-6338.

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Watch our training video on FSC-88 WB Water Based Primer/Filler.

3D HDU Sign Letters

We recently created a sign for a client. We liked the design so much so we decided to make two and keep one for ourselves. It is a very simple sign but it will look good in the shop.

We designed our sign in Enroute Pro.  We’ll be cutting it out of 2″ 15lb Precision Board HDU on our MultiCAM 3000 Router. The design is a wood grain over a dimensional letter and we threw in some big rivets for fun.


The first thing we was to cut the letters face down and to pocket out room in the back for LED’s (in case we want to add them later).  We also added holes for the wall mount studs.


We then flipped the letters and re registered them on the table to begin cutting the 3D face.


Once our letters are cut it’s time to paint!


Two coats of Coastal FSC-88 Primer and we’re ready to add color.


We’ve added two coats of latex base then several coats of a darker latex glaze.  Once done we painted the sides.   086


A little Modern Masters Metallic and a glaze on a black metallic and our rivets are complete.


Posts are installed – we’re ready to put this baby on the wall! (I just have to find a spot somewhere). – Steve



Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.