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24 Jul

The Bank Job: Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

The state’s big, the barbecue is big, and the sign hanging at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is absolutely massive. This enormous sign was built by Museum Arts, Inc., and according to Chris Shin, Head of the Fabrication Dept. at Museum Arts, was one of their most challenging projects. Measuring in with a 17′..

26 Mar

How To Bond Plywood Or Aluminum To HDU

Over the years many of our customers have asked for advice when bonding dissimilar substrates, such as plywood or aluminum, to Precision Board. Bonding a dissimilar substrate to Precision Board is easy when the proper procedures are followed. 1. Dry fit the pieces you will be bonding together before applying any adhesive to be sure..

19 Mar

HDU, Aluminum, Vinyl and MDO: Together At Last!

We’re always impressed when we see a sign utilizing so many different materials and we’re really excited about this one. Tom Slade, owner of Moosehead Sign, whom you may remember from our previous blog post: The Maine Signcrafter, made this sign for the Maine Air National Guard base in Bangor, ME. Consisting of Precision Board..