Red Bull X Fighters Sign: Big Job, Fast Deadline!

Art Sign Works owner Enrique Valenzuela sent over pictures of the massive Red Bull X Fighters sign he completed in just 2 weeks for the X Games.

Built for the Red Bull X Fighters Course at the Glen Helen Raceway, which is the biggest FMX course ever built, this awesome sign is a monster 18″ x 12′ x 20′!  Enrique built this sign using Precision Board Plus PBLT-15 HDU and finished just 2-3 days before the competition was due to start last Saturday. Unfortunately, it was too windy and the competition was cancelled but it was still a great day to meet the riders! See other in-process pictures in our previous blog.

Now the X-Games is off to Osaka, Japan!


Also check out an excellent video showing the track and sign:




PBLT-15 HDU Is Going To The X Games!

Check out the sneak preview of an upcoming project currently underway by Art Sign Works! Owner Enrique Valenzuela sent us in process pictures of a Red Bull sign he’s constructing for the X Games.

This project is rather large, and the sign will measure 12′ x 20′ x 18″ thick once complete! Enrique is using PBLT-15 HDU cut on his ShopBot CNC for this massive sign and as you can see from the pics, this will be an awesome project to watch unfold! Be sure to check in for updates! (You’ll also be seeing it soon at one of the upcoming X-Games!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 2.50.25 PM

Enrique Valenzuela crouching by the sign’s massive support structure.



Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 3.00.05 PM


ISA 2013 Recap

ISA 2013 saw a huge turnout. With so many exhibitors and attendees, people really had a great chance to network with old friends and meet new ones.

One of the highlights was the release of our new Precision Board Plus PBST-15 HDU. Faster and easier to prime and paint, PBST is a sure step forward in the next generation of sign substrates.

Click here if you didn’t make it to this year’s show and would like a free sample of Precision Board Plus PBST-15. We’re looking forward to your feedback and helping you make the best signs you’ve ever made.

Unnamed.2Booth #5236

IMG_1163Made by Dan Sawatzky of Imagination Corporation

UnnamedMade by Roger Cox of House of Signs

IMG951165Made by Enrique Valenzuela of Art Sign Works 

IMG951162Waiting for the doors to open at the 2013 Sign Expo!