Crow Indian Head Sculpture – On Display at ISA Orlando 2012

Dan Keith, owner of Dan’s Foundry recently sent us pictures of a Crow Indian Head sculpture he made from Precision Board Plus PBLT-15. His father, A.J., was the original sculptor/designer who specialized in western bronzes. Using his NextEngine laser scanner, Dan scanned the original wax sculpture and then exported it into Aspire CNC software to cut with his router.

The result was an amazing reproduction of the piece his father had created years earlier, finished by brushing on Sculpt Nouveau Type C Bronze Coating, and spraying on a Tiffany Green Patina finish. When he found out how impressed we were with his creation, he shipped it to us so we could see it in person.

We were then about to see just how fast (and talented) Dan Keith was. We told him we were considering displaying the Crow Indian Head sculpture at ISA 2012, and he quickly offered to create a newer, and larger model using a higher density Precision Board Plus, PBLT-30. Not more than a couple of days later, Dan sent us pictures of the new sculpture. It was also similarly finished like the original using Sculpt Nouveau and a Tiffany Green Patina finish. He then made a plaque commemorating his father, and the result was a fantastic art creation, completed in record time.

Take a look at Dan’s blog at: to see more of his impressive projects. His shop specializes in metal casting, welding, plasma cutting, wood working, CNC routing, digital design, stained glass, gourd art, mold making, metal fabrication, metal forming, prop making, blacksmithing and more!

The Crow Indian Head sculpture will be on display at our booth #2188 at ISA 2012 in Orlando, FL, from March 22-24 at the Orange County Convention Center if you would like to meet us and check it out in person!


Precision Board Plus PBLT-15:

The original sculpture (left) and the PBLT-30 version (right)

NextEngine Laser Scan:

Precision Board Plus PBLT-30: