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20 Oct

Crustacean creation complete

Painting the crab submersible was fun from beginning to end. I began with two coats base coats of gold. Then I did a blend coat with the gold on the bottom and a blend to a deep red on the top. The model instantly came to life.

15 Oct

Feeling crabby!

Peter had first dibs on the sculpting of the crab submarine but he was called away to do other things. With the deadline quickly approaching that meant the fun job fell to me. I wasted no time in getting busy! I was feeling crabby! Peter had done a little work and set the direction of the project.

10 Oct

Adding a little color

Two of the models are now in the paint stage and coming along nicely.  It won't be long until they are finished. The little tugboat is sporting all of it's base colors and is ready for the first of it's glazes.

08 Oct

Start of the sunken ship sculpt

Angie and I made good progress on the sunken ship model today in two one hour sculpting sessions. She mixed the epoxy while I sculpted, except what I was called away and she got to do the little crab on the rock beside the ship. In an hour or two at most tomorrow we should have this thing ready for paint.  Since its a study model to be used to talk to sponsors of the attraction I didn't overly fret about detail, instead concentrating on capturing the story and mood. It's coming together nicely and should paint up pretty nice

05 Oct

Sub model – part one

The second project study model we are building is a submarine. But it's not a typical sub. This one is designed to appeal to kids... something they would imagine to explore the deep