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03 Feb

Laying on the paint

Today was spent largely laying primer and base coats on a whole lot of small routed pieces in the shop. This stage of our projects is the least spectacular but time consuming none-the-less. The small shady rest sign got the most color with the foliage receiving one glaze with more to come.

30 Jan

Day of rest

Today, I finished the sculpting on the Shady Rest sign. It was fun to add all the small details such as his wiggly toes, his big belly and the had pulled down low over his eyes

28 Jan

Working in the dark

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, when I went up the road to get some small supplies from the local hardware store we noticed some smoke coming from a neighboring building.

26 Jan

Built to last

Then it was time to take the routered pieces of Precision Board off the MultiCam and make them into a sign.  I used the center pieces of the sign as a jig to hold things nice and steady I cut short lengths of 1" x 1" steel tubing to length, approximating the angles by eye. The beauty of welding is that small gaps are easily remedied with a MIG welder.