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14 Oct

Building a mine car

I find it a great deal of fun to design rather complex designs and then figure out a way to fabricate what I have imagined. We are currently working on a good sized theme project called the Cloud Buster. It is a drop tower ride.

21 Sep

Cloud Bluster -Part two

With the router work done and the sign assembled over the welded frame it is time to begin the hand work... my favourite part.  I used an air powered die grinder to even out the edges and add a little texture while I was at it. Then I coated the egg shape with a thin coat of Abracadabra Sculpting epoxy pressing it hard into the surface. This acted as a prime coat.

20 Sep

Cloud Buster – Part one

This was a very fun project for a new ride at a local theme park. It's a drop tower and we proposed the name Cloud Buster. All of the other rides feature a cartoon character and for this one we came up with the idea of a porcupine shooting his shotgun at the clouds. The porcupine's name is Buster