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24 Aug

City crest on router

Today I finally had the chance to put a piece of 2" Precision Board onto the MultiCam and route the city crest file I built last week. The file was routed in two passes - one with a 3/8 ball nose bit and a second pass with a tapered flute 1/8" ball nose bit

14 Aug

More steps on the crest

The wheat crown on the top of the crest was the next part of the relief puzzle. It like the rest of the relief would use a variety of tool in the EnRoute bag. The vector was fine as is with the exception of the two drop shaped pieces at each end.

11 Aug

Simple steps to complicated crest

 A current project in the shop is a three dimensional crest for a city. The file is somewhat complicated, mostly because it involves so many steps and procedures to build the file using a wide variety of techniques.