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In less than two weeks, the Coastal Enterprises team will be setting up shop at SAMPE Long Beach 2016, to rub elbows with some of the country’s top-notch companies and individuals in the advanced materials industries. SAMPE is the only conference and exhibition that is entirely geared toward advanced materials and processes, making it one of the most valuable events of the year for composites industry professionals. In fact, over 200 different companies are going to be showcasing their products and services over the course of the 2-day exhibition, which runs from May 24-25. The Conference itself, which runs from May 23-26, features leading industry experts and researchers giving lectures, leading discussions, and offering tutorials to attendees.

Coastal Enterprises will be stationed at Booth O41, a corner booth that borders the food and beverage area and the exhibitor lounge. Visitors to our booth will be able to receive free samples of Precision Board PU tooling board and get a first hand look at some of Coastal’s industrial soft tooling capabilities. A few highly experienced members of our technical sales team will be on hand, answering any and all questions about polyurethane applications in composite tooling, for both OOA and autoclave processes. There’s no better way to enhance your understanding of soft tooling than to speak to the undisputed urethane professionals, people with unparalleled knowledge of Precision Board and the industries it’s used in. The best way to further understanding of a concept is to immerse yourself in it entirely.

There’s no question that this is going to be another banner year for SAMPE, a meeting of some of the top minds of the composite tooling and advanced materials industries. Don’t forget to print out your FREE PASSES to the SAMPE Long Beach Exhibition, compliments of Coastal Enterprises.

Commercial Truck Composite Cab – How It’s Made

Since 1999, Daycab Company, in Rockwood, TN, has been using composites to retrofit class 8 commercial trucks with sleeper cabs to day cabs. Why would anyone be interested in having the sleeper cab removed, and a composite day cab installed you ask? Once a commercial truck gets to a certain age, many fleets will not run them and purchase new ones. The old trucks are then auctioned off, and are popular among local farmers, short haul companies and dealerships. The large abundance means they sell quite cheap.[divider_padding]

Peterbilt semi truck with sleeper original sleeper installed

Peterbilt with sleeper removed and void showing

Precision Board rough shaped and glued together


When first speaking with Zach Martin, Product Design Specialist and Machine Programmer at Daycab Company, I was surprised to hear that commercial trucks were quite desirable with the sleeper cabs removed. The reasons for this vary: farmers like non-sleeper cabs because loading in grain or other products at a station might have a height restriction that a sleeper can’t meet. Removing a sleeper also saves on weight, which could instead be used for carrying more cargo.

Machining for male mold #1

Machining of male mold #2

Machining of male mold #3


Short haul companies have the same issue as farmers with the weight of the sleeper and cargo, and because they work in more localized areas (farms, rock yards and landscaping companies), they require better visibility out the back.

Daycab logo being machined into male mold

Precision Board male mold machining process complete

Sealer and Vinyl Ester applied and being sanded


Precision Board Plus HDU is used to manufacture the part used to fill the void created once the sleeper cab is removed. In this case, a Peterbilt semi truck is going to be converted. With the cab removed and the void exposed, Precision Board Plus HDU is machined using a 5-axis CNC router. This male mold is then coated with a sealer, vinyl ester, and is sanded. Red hard gelcoat and fiberglass is applied, to start the female mold. Plaster, fiberglass and resin complete the final stages.

Red hard gelcoat and fiberglass/resin coat (start of female mold)

Plaster, fiberglass, and resin coating to finalize making of female mold

Production ready female mold completed and pulled from Precision Board male mold


Once the female mold is completed, gelcoat and fiberglass is shot to make the final production part. The part is completed by being trimmed on a CNC machine, and is then painted and installed on the Peterbilt truck, providing a great looking finished product.

Gelcoat and fiberglass/resin shot into female mold

Production part pulled from female mold

Part completed by being trimmed on a CNC machine


Daycab Company is owned by Marc Wagers and converts over 1500 commercial trucks a year. They offer pre-built kits, can ship anywhere, and also have their own install shop. Check out additional details on their website at

Part painted and installed on truck

Final product: Peterbilt Day Hauler



Sierra Technical Services: Engineering and Composite Tooling Services For Your Project

Sierra Technical Services, or STS, located in the heart of the Antelope Valley can give you the composite tooling and engineering help you need. With over 30 years of experience, specializing in the manufacturing of composite tooling and structures, and aerospace engineering services, STS will help you get to your desired solution quickly and economically.

Their composite manufacturing services include mold fabrication, Nomex honeycomb core, and fiberglass and graphite composites. Roger Hayes, at STS, uses Precision Board Plus for his composite mold fabrication because of its ease of use, large sheets and blocks readily available, and the technical assistance he gets from Coastal Enterprises. “Precision Board Plus, in either the PBLT or PBHT, is delivered in large standard sizes, up to 5’ x 10’, ready to machine on our CMS Aeres 5-Axis, High-Speed Machining Center. This is a great advantage that saves us time and money compared to bonding multiple boards from another manufacturer.”

STS’s CMS Aeres 5-Axis, High-Speed Machining Center


Their group of hand-selected engineering talent, who specialize in everything from aerodynamics, mechanical design, tooling, and more, will provide you with engineering services at their facility or yours. Combine the experienced group of engineers with their quick-paced manufacturing services, made possible with the help of Coastal Enterprises, Sierra Technical Services will help you get your engineering and tooling needs done as efficiently as possible.

Visit Sierra Technical Services’ website at, or call them at 661-824-3992, to see additional work and how they can help you.