Custom Bonded Blocks Saves You Time = Money

Wouldn’t it be great to save yourself time and money on that bonded block and have it delivered, ready to machine?  Precision Board custom-bonded blocks are designed from the ground up to save you time, material, and money.  All we need is an isometric drawing to provide a quote.  Our skilled production team can assemble complex step tools of any size, any thickness, and any density.  We deliver your custom bonded block directly to you so that you can start machining right away.

custom bonded blocks

For our proprietary bonding method, we use our own EP-76 epoxy adhesive filled with our PB Granules to match the material density, resulting in very tight and strong bond lines that are almost imperceptible.  These bond lines provide smooth machining throughout the finished tool.

We cut the sheets to size, carefully bond them together, and ship the assembled bonded block directly to you. This means you can start machining as soon as it arrives, instead of wasting days or even weeks bonding it yourself.

custom bonded blocks

The Aerospace and Automotive industries have relied on us for years to bond custom Precision Board Plus blocks for their unique tooling needs.  There’s virtually no limit on the size of blocks we can bond. We’ve built and shipped some truly massive tooling blocks for customers around the world. Rely on our bonding expertise to get a near net-shaped block ready for you to machine in the time frame you need.

custom bonded blocks

Get started on your next project today! We have a large inventory of densities for fast turnaround times, and a highly skilled production team to turn your idea into reality. Contact us for a quote on your own custom bonded Precision Board block.

Customize it!

A couple of weeks ago we showed off our ability to manufacture large custom bonded blocks.

This week we would like to show you just how versatile those shapes and sizes can be. Using the easy-to-machine PBLT-10 we custom bonded and cut precise dimensions that the customer requested.

Tblocks2 Tblocks5

photo 2


photo 2

With Precision Board Plus anything is possible!

Save time, save money, save a tree. Choose Precision Board Plus. Why? Because… we can produce any shape, size, or thickness needed to get the job done quickly and with ease.

Contact us today to receive a quote for your custom shaped order.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive a tooling block completely ready to machine?

We are here for YOU!

We like big blocks and we can not lie…

We have a lot of action going on here this week! Making custom blocks is something we take pride in and is one of the great things that separates us from our competition. It only took a couple of days and two forklifts to get this 19 footer out the door.





Our team has been bonding blocks for over 20 years and tight bond joints are our specialty. Using our EP-76 high strength machinable epoxy, and adding PB granules, we’re able to match the density of the material which allows for ease of machining and the ability to keep the CNC  running fast.


PBLT-15 Bonded Blocks


PBLT-15 Bonded Blocks

It’s great that customers take advantage of our one-of-a-kind service. Custom bonded blocks save extreme amounts of time and money by arriving on the job ready to machine immediately.

Tired of bonding together 24″ x 60″ tooling board?

If you are tired of the time, labor and frustration of bonding together small 24″ x 60″ tooling boards, rest easy – there is hope!

Rather than limiting ourselves to the industry standard 20″ x 60″ and 24″ x 60″ sheet sizes, Coastal is proud to offer eight standard sizes ranging from 20″ x 60″ to 5′ x 10′, with standard thicknesses up to 24″. In addition, if your project requires something larger there’s no need to worry – we also build custom Precision Board blocks to any shape, any size. Let us do the bonding!

Our custom-bonded Precision Board HDU blocks are built using EP-76, our high strength epoxy. The hardness and machinability of EP-76 can be adjusted and closely matched to the Precision Board HDU densities by adding PB Granules to allow variable density and ease of machining.

Please, contact us for additional information!

Some of our recent custom Precision Board blocks:





Check Out The Latest Bonded Block From Coastal Enterprises!

Take a look at a recent custom bonded block from Coastal Enterprises! Block is Precision Board Plus PBHT-20, built to spec for a prominent aerospace company.

Coastal Enterprises offers a unique custom bonding service designed to save you time and money. All we need is a rough drawing of the tool you will be building and we will bond Precision Board Plus to your specifications using our high-strength EP-76 bonding epoxy. EP-76 even offers the ability to match the durometer of the Precision Board Plus used, meaning bond lines will machine as easily as the material.

This allows you to:

  • Purchase less material
  • Decrease machining time because the custom block is closer to net size
  • Eliminate assembly
  • Arrive ready for immediate machining
Here are several more custom bonded block pictures:


 Request a quote on your custom bonded tooling block today!