Custom Bonded Blocks Saves You Time = Money

Wouldn’t it be great to save yourself time and money on that bonded block and have it delivered, ready to machine?  Precision Board custom-bonded blocks are designed from the ground up to save you time, material, and money.  All we need is an isometric drawing to provide a quote.  Our skilled production team can assemble complex step tools of any size, any thickness, and any density.  We deliver your custom bonded block directly to you so that you can start machining right away.

custom bonded blocks

For our proprietary bonding method, we use our own EP-76 epoxy adhesive filled with our PB Granules to match the material density, resulting in very tight and strong bond lines that are almost imperceptible.  These bond lines provide smooth machining throughout the finished tool.

We cut the sheets to size, carefully bond them together, and ship the assembled bonded block directly to you. This means you can start machining as soon as it arrives, instead of wasting days or even weeks bonding it yourself.

custom bonded blocks

The Aerospace and Automotive industries have relied on us for years to bond custom Precision Board Plus blocks for their unique tooling needs.  There’s virtually no limit on the size of blocks we can bond. We’ve built and shipped some truly massive tooling blocks for customers around the world. Rely on our bonding expertise to get a near net-shaped block ready for you to machine in the time frame you need.

custom bonded blocks

Get started on your next project today! We have a large inventory of densities for fast turnaround times, and a highly skilled production team to turn your idea into reality. Contact us for a quote on your own custom bonded Precision Board block.

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Here are some customers who’s stories we’ve featured in past newsletters.

It began as a challenge to students at the Art Center College of Design, a perennial hotbed of transportation design that has produced many of the world’s top automotive designers. The task? Take a BMW 1 Series 5–door SUV, a model not marketed in the states, and “reinvent” it by completely redesigning the exterior and interior, while maintaining the underlying structural characteristics. Read more.


There’s a saying around Diversified Manufacturing of California, Inc.’s facility in Vista California. “You say it, we make it!” That’s the kind of “can do” attitude Thane Rivers, Founder, President and CEO of DMOC has instilled in his highly accomplished team of designers, programmers and fabricators. They’ll not only make it, but make it right. Read More.


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