Fetch Sign – Woof 4

Today we are fabricating the interior frame of our sign. We are using 1″ Square steel tubing.

We’ve pocket a raceway into the back of each sign panel.  Peter is setting the steel pieces in place, we’ll tack weld them inside the sign for a perfect fit then take it out and complete our welds.


Untitled-2Here it is all welded up and ready for assembly.




Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.

6 World Speed Records to be Broken!

Get over to sunny Moriarty, New Mexico for the “Thunder Over Moriarty!” This world record-breaking event will feature Nemesis Air Racing presenting the NemesisNXT (Bottom picture) on September 21st through October 3rd.

Located just 35 miles east of Albuquerque, NM, Jon and Patricia Sharp, with the Nemesis Air Racing team, will assault 3 different speed distances in two different weight categories; 3km, 15km, and 100km in length. Flown just 200 feet above the ground, the 3km will be 4 passes with the plane in your face, but don’t blink, cause the NemesisNXT will be gone if you do!

That’s a total of 6 records! With the NemesisNXT clocked at the Reno Air Races at speeds well into 400 MPH, this should be a breeze. Check out this great video to learn more about the NemesisNXT:

Coastal Enterprises manufactured the Precision Board used for layup tooling in the original Nemesis and the NemesisNXT, and since our involvement began, we have been huge fans of both Jon and Patricia.

To the whole NemesisNXT Racing Team: Good luck and break those records!

The Nemesis Litho 1998

The Nemesis Litho 1998

Nemesis NXT 2005

Nemesis NXT 2005

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na… Batman! With West Coast Customs

“I am the reason criminals breathe easier when the sun rises.” – Batman.

A powerful statement from Batman, Arkham Knight is the only appropriate way to introduce this beyond impressive piece of work from West Coast Customs. Made from Precision Board Plus, these artists were able to create a life size Batmobile that is currently traveling around the world on display.

Using PBLT-10, West Coast Customs machined this 15ft wide, 23.5ft long, and 9ft tall Batmobile that was first displayed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, 2014. While stunning to the average viewer, it is even more impressive knowing the intricate detail that went into this piece. With the Batmobile currently on show in Germany, this piece will “ahh” the public for many years to come.

Here are some of the process pictures that give you an insight of the artistry involved in making West Coast Custom’s Batmobile.

DSC_0092 DSC_0292

IMG_1635 IMG_2479

IMG_3055 IMG_4246

IMG_4285 IMG_2630


Batmobile on display at E3 in Los Angeles.

Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop Sign – Part 3

We are getting close. Brian’s been welding, building and painting away. Now that he has all the letters done he’s moved on to the sign faces. these will be a bright red and will really stand out at this little corner shop.

He started by welding the inside frame of the sign.  This will make it incredibly strong.


IMG_4104Now back to the sign faces. Using our Matthews Paint system Brian matches the clients red and preps the paint guns. IMG_4107Several coats of color are put down to get a real nice, and strong, finish.

IMG_4127 IMG_4130

Ready to clear coat and assemble!



Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.

“Robots” Sign – Complete

We’re coming to the end of the “Robots” project. I’m doing a little painting in place as it hangs in the wall.  First I’m going to paint the “guts” of the letters – then age them a little bit. This is a Modern Masters Metallic Copper.  I’ll then do a glaze of Black Pearl over the copper. Once dried I’ll rust out the metal clamps.

photo 1 photo 2

The last touch is to dry brush some pure silver back over the face of each letter.


Final Assembly is complete, LED’s are on and my “faux” robotic arm moves back and forth when the motion sensor is triggered. All I have to do is tuck away the wires and this baby is done. This was a lot of fun!

Hmmm what to do next?

– Steve.

photo 4


Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.