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10 Dec

Batter up!

This past week we were busy with our MultiCam. Jeff Hartman, one of the creators of EnRoute software was here in my studio. He was here to develop and test an interface to program and run the fourth axis of our router.

08 Dec

Almost ready!

Today was a day for which I've been waiting for a long while. Shawn Kirsch, a tech from MultiCam came to the shop to start in on setting up our new machine. We swung the gantry into position, bolted it down and and then he leveled the machine before doing hookups and dialing in the various parts

24 Nov

Christmas came early!

It was with great anticipation and delight I directed the big semi up our long driveway to where we would unload the new MultiCam. While I chased down and printed out the necessary papers to send off the old router the driver unchained and untarped the load. The machine was shrink wrapped in white plastic as I knew it would be.

20 Nov

Moving day

Moving day is always exciting. Today was just such a day. Our new four axis MultiCam 3000 router is now in transit to our shop