Han Solo Project – KDF Reprographics

Hackensack, NJ sign shop KDF Reprographics has been working on a full-scale project of Han Solo trapped in Carbonite that they recently completed. The replica was crafted with a combination of Precision Board Plus PBLT-10 HDU, styrofoam, Magic Sculpt and MDF, and came out looking absolutely amazing.

Pictures of the finished project can be seen here.


Han Solo – The Wrap Up

We’ve been busy – but I did get to complete Han Solo. So here is the final stage of the project. Everything is screwed together and I’ve completed the “clothing” sculpt. So its time to complete the carbonite then the side control panels.

I started by filling the foam area with wood glue. The glue is self leveling and works as a good sealer. I poured it on and let it sit overnight.


003005Then it’s time to create the  texture – I’ll be using Magic Sculpt on this – it may take a little while but it will definitely give me the look I need.

021 018 022

Ready to prime and paint!

Greg will get it primed and then apply the first coat of Modern Masters Metallic silver.

030 036

Now I’ll apply several glaze coats of a darker metallic.


After double checking the sizes of the control panel its time to prime and paint them as well.



And finally I’ve hot glued in my control panels. ALL DONE!!!!  This was a really fun project.


Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.

Han Solo Continued…


The Control Panels are all cut.  We’ll do some handy work on these later with LEDs and Acrylic faces.

135021 Now its time to complete the sculpting of Hans clothing.  I’m using Magic Sculpt.  This material is great – its a two part sculpting compound that is really easy to work with and hardens to steel! If you look closely I’m using my Iphone case as a reference for the detail.



Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.

The Han Solo in Carbonite Project

There is never enough time in the day to get things done.  So when it comes to side projects to dress up the studio it’s almost impossible to find any time at all. Our Current project is to replicate the Han Solo in Carbonite prop from “The Empire Strikes Back”. This might take a long time but it will be a great piece to hang on the wall.

So the first thing I need to do is build the box.  I’ve scaled up my drawing in Enroute and have created the “control panel” holes. I’m going to cut the box out of 3/4″ MDF then create my insert out of 2″ Insulation Styrofoam.  The control panels will be made up of KDF and acrylic.            130 131   Once my wood panels are cut its time to cutout the foam insert that will hold Han up – this will eventually be coated to look like carbonite.


015 The face plate is fitted and matches perfectly. Now I’ll screw it all together, add a cleat to the back and move on to Han.




I’m going to carve his body our of 10lb Precision Board HDU. Once the bulk of it is done I can sculpt details on top. On this part I’ve got my helper Owen running the machine for me. 080

073 075



The carving is done – Next step is assembly.  stay tuned….


Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.