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24 Jan

Endless inspiration

Even if you aren't a fan of Disney theme parks I would highly recommend a visit. You don't have to ride the rides - just bring a camera to record endless inspiration at every turn. You even get to claim the trip as a business expense! We like to attend at least one Disney park every year. So far we've been to Florida's Disney World (four theme parks), California's Disneyland (two theme parks), Disneyland Tokyo (two theme parks), Disneyland Paris (two theme parks - although I've only seen one)  plus there's one theme park in Hong Kong and a new one in China that opens in mid-June. (Those last two are still on my list) Add in all of the themed resorts and restaurants plus the water parks in Disney World and there is enough inspiration to last a lifetime

11 Oct

Gathering ideas

For the next week or so I'm in Disneyland. You can bet we are having the time of our lives sharing it for the first time with our grand daughter Phoebe