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30 Jul

Have You Checked Your HDU Pricing Lately?

  • July 30, 2014
  • Admin

They raised their prices, we lowered ours. Just because our competitors pricing is higher, doesn’t mean it’s a better product! Precision Board Plus HDU is up to $90 less per sheet than any other HDU tooling board on the market. Click here for your nearest distributor and find out your savings! These craftsmen know quality:..

26 Jun

Hot off the Grill! HDU & BBQ Make A Great Combination

Summer’s here and BBQ season is about to move into full swing. In addition to the savory aromas emanating from their restaurant, Bailey’s Smokehouse in Blauvelt, NY, also has a brand new lighted Precision Board HDU sign, beautifully crafted by KDF Reprographics, to attract customers. Sign Builder Illustrated published a great article documenting how the sign was made..

08 Apr

Spraying Metal Onto HDU Signs: Copper, Iron & Bronze Finishes

Plate-All is a real, living (it ages just like real metal) metal finish that can be applied to virtually any substrate. The resulting finish looks and feels exactly like solid cast metal without the cost or weight. To show off this beautiful finish, we sent three samples of Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 to KDF Reprographics..

19 Feb

Han Solo Project – KDF Reprographics

Hackensack, NJ sign shop KDF Reprographics has been working on a full-scale project of Han Solo trapped in Carbonite that they recently completed. The replica was crafted with a combination of Precision Board Plus PBLT-10 HDU, styrofoam, Magic Sculpt and MDF, and came out looking absolutely amazing. Pictures of the finished project can be seen here.

11 Feb

State-of-The-Art Signage Techniques & Materials

A famous Mr. Rogers song says, “You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.” Well, we took a page out of his book and hit the streets with this great idea we came up with out of nowhere. It involved three different companies collaborating on a three-part project that we knew would turn out..


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