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13 Sep

New Sign & Tooling Blogs Added To Our Website

  • September 13, 2013
  • admin

In the interest of furthering knowledge in the sign and tooling industries, Coastal Enterprises is proud to announce the addition of 2 new blogs to our website. Please welcome the writings of: KDF Custom Graphics School Street Design Company Based ½ hour outside of NYC, KDF provides custom fabrication, graphics, theme displays, flatbed printing, CNC, dimensional creations..

24 Jul

The Mechanical Fish Sign Competition Project – Base

“After Hours” has a new meaning here at KDF.  It’s when we get to have fun and really get creative.  It is amazing how much work you can get done when the phone isn’t ringing! Our mechanical fish project is moving along nicely. We’ve just completed the panels for the base which will sit atop a slab of stone. We started by routing the panels from 1.5″ 30# Precision Board on the Multicam 3000.

16 Jul

Completed KDF Studio Sign

Our special custom studio sign project is all done!  we have our new sign and dragon mascot (no name yet though). This was a fun one.  Everyone loves it, but I think it’s giving Mark nightmares.  Now all of our after hours attention will be focused on the mechanical fish project

07 Jul

Dragon Continued…

It’s time for all of the final details – I’m really trying to make this guy old and weathered – I’ve applied my last layer of magic sculpt – I’ve carved scales into his chest and given some texture to the soft tissue areas – I’ll let this harden then I’m ready for primer.

02 Jul

The Competition is On – A Fish Tale

Our mentor from the North, Dan Sawatsky, has been posting a super cool project that he has been working on at http://imaginationcorporation.com/journal/ .  We saw that he was involved in a friendly competition with some other superstar sign makers and we wanted in. The rules of the competition – create a sign for the “The Institute for the Study of Mechanical Marine Life”.  The only requirement is that the sign has the text on it and that it includes a mechanical fish of some sort. We have until September 2nd to make this a good one – we’ll have to do the work at night as we are extremely busy – but it will be a fun! Game on! So Brian and I did a little brainstorming.

24 Jun

Halo Lit Custom Channel Letter Sign

Our friends at Crestron Electronics hired us to create a front desk lobby sign for their headquarters.  We’ll be creating custom channel letters with high gloss black finish mounted to a satin metal box and lit with LEDs.  The challenge with this sign was that the box was about 110″ long and our cutting bed was only 96″

19 Jun

Stone Wall Plaque

So our friend and client Julian came in last week with an interesting project. He was looking for a creative way to present a plaque to a colleague as a gift using their logo as the artwork. So we came up with the idea of doing a carved “stone” look.