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30 Mar

Soggy success

Today dawned cool and very wet. And it rained harder as the day went on. Even so, today was the day we would install the Lark Rise sign.

03 Mar

No horsing around today

Today was a busy one in the shop, both getting ready for the upcoming Sign Magic Workshop and also working on some projects. The Lark Rise sign got the bulk of the attention today with the final base oats and glazes being applied. The ladies did the bulk of the work and did a great job too! In the shot below Sarah and Haley are just finishing the second coat of glaze on the post

24 Feb

The color starts

With the carving and sculpting now done it is time to kick off the painting process. First the usual coat of FSC 88-WB primer from Coastal Enterprises. This smoothes things out a little and also is used to apply a subtle texture to the lettering by using a small brush on those areas.

20 Feb


Once the router was finished cranking out all the pieces of the Lark Rise project it was time to start in on assembly. The first task was to weld up a steel frame that would go through the sign and also down the post to provide structural strength.  Although the sign board looks like it can swing it is actually welded in place. The horizontal steel pipe is welded to the vertical pipe that goes from top to bottom through the middle of the post

10 Feb

Pressing on in spite of temporary doubts

In spite of a whole bunch of other necessary work going on in the shop I could't resist sneaking another half hour with the die grinder on the piece. I whipped on the wood grain, and as I progressed I was more than a little unsure that I may just have wrecked the piece