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01 Mar

Using a Laser to Create a Dimensional Precision Board HDU Sign

Team Williams Printing & Signs used a laser system to cut and engrave a two-sided dimensional sign out of PBLT-15 Precision Board high-density urethane foam. See how they used a vinyl covering during the laser engraving process to preserve the white finish of the primer before painting the HDU. Mike Williams with Team Williams Printing..

08 May

Laser-Engraving & Hand-Carving Railroad Buildings out of HDU

Dennis Rayon is the owner of Denray Machine in Missouri, but he’s also an avid model railroad builder. He uses a laser machine & hand-carving tools to recreate highly-detailed buildings from the mid-1900s out of PBLT-15 Precision Board high-density urethane. We caught up with him recently to delve a little deeper into how he creates..